The success of EcoMart depends on having a band of willing volunteers who will give their time, be it a little or a lot, to help move the project along . All of us at Ecomart are committed to developing strong connections between local producers of goods and consumers and will appreciate you joining us.

Please email volunteer@nr.ecomart.net.au and let us know if you would be interested in doing any of the following:

  • Making Phone Calls
  • Distributing leaflets and putting flyers on noticeboards in your area
  • Sorting groceries at the Lismore Centre on Fridays between 10.30    and 2pm.
  • Would you be interested in delivering orders in your area on your way home? (You may receive payment for this)
  • Manning a pick up point in your area for half an hour on Friday afternoon
  • Writing newsletters, press articles, helping with publicity
  • Computer data entry
  • Software and website development
  • Helping to manage and plan the expansion of EcoMart
  • Do you have a current or former occupation that may give you useful skills?
  • Anything else you might be able to help with?

Please phone 66899375 if you have any questions.