Products that may be sold through the Cooperative.
Producers may only sell Northern Rivers grown or made products they themselves have grown, made or processed.

Nobody can buy wholesale from someone else and then retail through our service, unless they are buying ingredients for processed foods. If ingredients are bought, value must be added to the product by the producer, simply repackaging the ingredients is not adding value.

For example, you can sell tomatoes that you grow, but not tomatoes that you buy from somebody else to sell. You can, however, buy tomatoes from someone and make salsa and sell that through our cooperative. You can't buy an animal from soneone else, and then have it butchered and sold through the coop as though it was your own product. You can buy flour or cornmeal and make bread or tortillas to sell, but you can't buy bread from someone else and sell it through the cooperative.

An exception may be for products, food or non-food, that are not grown or manufactured in the region and are procured by the co-op for distribution in the region. Some examples are, toilet paper, detergents, cooking oils etc and also staple food items not grown in or adjacent to the region. The aim here is to provide a full range of grocery items normally found in supermarkets.

No GMO foods or products may be sold through the cooperative. No meat, poultry or egg products from Confined Animal Feeding Operations may be sold through the cooperative, nor may they be used as ingredients in processed foods.

Animals may not be treated with bovine growth hormone nor may routine antibiotics be used in feeds. Our assumption is that supermarket meats originate in CAFOs so meat, poultry, or egg products used as ingredients in processed or prepared foods should be bought directly from Northern Rivers farmers or Northern Rivers aggregators. They do not have to be bought from cooperative members, although some members may find this as an added benefit of your product.

Meats to be sold through the cooperative and delivered via our transportation system must be processed in a state licensed and inspected plant.

Items weighing more than 10kg or greater than 0.3 cu m are not delivered by the co-op. Producers must arrange deliveryof these items with the consumer, and mention this in the product description in the shop.