How to Place an Order

To access and use EcoMart’s ordering system you must first go to your computer and logon to EcoMart’s web site's member login page. You can do this by entering the following URL into your web browser (eg Windows Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.) Store this URL as an icon on your desktop or in favorites for quick reference.
You will see on your screen a page like this with the title...

If you are already a member of the Co-op you will have provided a username and password, as well as an email address and phone number where the Co-op can readily contact you. Enter that username and password in the form to sign in. The web browser may ask you if you want to save the username and password you entered. Just login first to make sure you have entered the information correctly, then click on save. Next time you sign in just place your curser in the username box and double click. Then, select your username from the dropdown list if you have more than one user name and pass word saved. Saves a lot of typing and getting it wrong.

If you have forgotten your password just follow the instructions on the login page. If you want the change your password or your personal information you can do this from your Member Panel below.

Once you have correctly logged in you will see the active Member Panel and a Shopping Panel link above. 

Now that you have logged in to your Member Panel and if the shop is currently open you will see a link under....
Basket Status
"Open a shopping basket"

Click on this and you will see the screen below.


Item: 1 Delivery Type: — Select a delivery type —

– Pick Up Order – This means you or someone authorised by you will go to the Pick up Location selected by you and collect your order.
– Deliver to Home Address – This means your order will be delivered to your nominated home address where you will receive your products.
– Deliver to Work Address – This means your order will be delivered to your nominated work address where you will receive your products.

Item: 2 Pickup/Delivery Locations: — Choose a location —

Select the location where you wish to collect your products. This is where your products will be sent for collection on Delivery Day. It is your responsibility to collect your products at the Pick Up Point you have chosen and at the times indicated.

Item: 3 Payment Method:

You need to use the online payment facilities to pay for your order prior to Delivery Day. Select which payment method you will use. Please use direct debit if possible via your bank or credit union internet banking facility. Please note:- products must be paid for before they can be handed over to you. In special circumstances and not as a normal routine, payment by cheque or cash will be accepted at Pick Up Points. If paying with cash the exact amount must by tendered as no change is held at Pick Up Points.

When items 1, 2 and 3 are selected you may then click the button labelled "Click to Start an Order". The red selection box will now disappear and will no longer be displayed during the ordering period. It will only be displayed again when you login in for the next ordering cycle.

You are now ready to order from the "Shopping Panel"
From here you can order products, "View Your Cart", "Previously Ordered Items" and "Past Customer Invoices". You can also "Open a Shopping Basket" from that Panel.

Available Products
"Products Sorted by Categories" (full list)   Click this link and all available products will be listed. You can see item ID# Product name, product type (eg certified organic), unit price. At this point you can click on the Shopping Cart Icon to add one unit to you shopping cart. Click again for more then one item.  Later you can review your cart and change the number of units. If you set the number of units to 0 you will remove the item from the cart.
Beside the product name you can click (About Producer) to look at the Producers information page.

"Products Sorted by Producer" Click this link and a list of producers and their products available for sale in the current shopping cycle will be listed. Again you can click on an item of interest to add one unit to you shopping cart.

"Products Sorted by Product ID#" Click this link and a list of all available products will be listed in product ID# order. Use this list to find an item if you know its ID# or want to browse through the entire product list.

"New Products" Click this title and a list of new products available for this shopping cycle is shown.

"Changed Products" Click this title and a list of changed products will be shown.

"Products Sorted by Category" Click this title and a list of products sorted by product type is presented.

"View Your Cart" This section allows you to look at items in your cart and add or delete items, enter quantities, and look back at earlier orders.

"Previously Ordered Items" For your convenience you can view Items from previous orders.

"View In-process Invoice" Here you can review your credits or debits, total of your current purchases, discounts and total amount payable. You can pay for your purchases by clicking the Paypal button or you can pay by direct debit.

"Past Customer Invoices" All of your past invoices remain in the system. This allows you to track past purchases.