Before an order can be delivered to a customer (home or work) the products and delivery fees must be paid for. Also, before an order can be collected at a Pick Up Point it must be paid for.

Payment before receiving products is an essential plank in the Co-op's service. The producer supplies the products in good faith that he/she will be paid. The Co-op pays the producer in good faith that the customer will pay for and collect the products. Once an order is completed (when the shop closes at midnight the Wednesday before Delivery Day) there is an enforcable contract between the parties. The producer agrees to supply the products, the Co-op agrees to deliver the products and the customer agrees to pay for and collect the products.

You are strongly encouraged to use an online payment facilities to pay for your order before Delivery Day.

In special circumstances and not as a normal routine, payment by cheque will be accepted at Pick Up Points.

If a customer has made an online payment and there is a subsequent Delivery Day adjustment to the invoice, the resulting credit/debit will be applied to your account. You will not be required to pay any Delivery Day adjustment on collection of products.