Standards for sale of non-food items.
  • Producers may sell only nonfood products that they have made within the Northern Rivers region.
  • Producers cannot purchase finished products (wholesale or retail) and sell those products through our service.
  • A producer may purchase a variety of raw materials and components, however significant value must be added. Repackaging purchased materials and components does not constitute adding value.
  • Producers are encouraged to avoid animal products from Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO’s) whenever possible and to include in the description of an item whether it is CAFO-free.
  • Nonfood items that can be sold through the co-op include useful and aesthetic items for the home, garden, or business, such as clothing, health and body care items, written materials, scented products, decorations, pet products, art, jewelry,photography, music and media. Business or personal services may not be offered through the coop except for classes/seminars.
  • We encourage nonfood producers to use materials originating in Northern Rivers wherever possible.

For nonfood items weighing more than 10 kg, or that are larger than 1 cubic metre, the producer must arrange delivery with buyer, and the product description must include the method of delivery.

Producers are responsible for their own packaging. Any fragile items sold must be packaged in a manner that protects the item. All nonfood items must be packaged so that they do not damage, scent, or affect other products, and are protected from damage, including but not limited to moisture. The Co-op may reject any improperly packaged items at check-in. The limit of the liability of the Co-op for items damaged during delivery is $100.

  • Producers may not sell items that are illegal or that advocate illegal activity, nor may they mention illegal or advocate illegal activity in their listings.
  • Nonfood producers must guarantee the quality and workmanship of their products for a period of at least 30 days.
  • All work must adhere to content that can be viewed and is acceptable for all age levels.
  • All applicable copyrights remain with producer. Since the Coop never holds title to any product sold through our system, the Northern Rivers Food Cooperative is not responsible for any copyright infringement issues with concern to your work.
  • All materials used in the production and finish of your work that could cause an allergic reaction or other harm must be disclosed.

Here are some examples:

  • All metals used in jewelry design.
  • All solder types used in stained glass.
  • Any potentially harmful chemical used in theprocessing of your work that has the potential to leave a residual effect behind.
  • All botanicals and fragrances used in products.

Please adhere to the following:

  • Anything that is washable should come delivered with washing instructions.
  • For any item that is stuffed, disclose material used.
  • Recycled items incorporated in designs must be disclosed.
  • Specify the appropriate age range for children’s items.

Nonfood producers warrant that their products meet all legal and regulatory standards. All bath, body and health products must adhere to legislated standards. Products must adhere to the Federal and State Acts.

Classes must be facilitated and organized by the Co-op producer but may involve presentations by others selected by the producer. Classes must be taught in the state of Northern Rivers. The class syllabus must be described in listing. Any supplies that the student needs to purchase must be clearly written in listing. Time and dates must be listed. The class listing should mention any age-appropriate conditions. The co-op is notresponsible for missed or canceled classes. If class is canceled all fees must be returned to buyer.

This standards list may be revised at any time and notice will be emailed to producers.

A producer is required to keep contact information updated. This includes, telephone number, email address and physical address.

All coop products are subject to regular review by the Standards Committee, and the Standards Committee may remove a product from the coop's public listing if it does not comply with these standards. Decisions of the Standards Committee may be appealed via the Coop's arbitration system.

The Northern Rivers Food Cooperative's general producer procedures also apply to nonfood producers.

Submitting an application to be a nonfood producer indicates acceptance of the Coop's Terms of Service.

Authorized coop producers who are presently selling nonfood items do not have to go through the application process again, but their products must comply immediately with these standards.

Any proposed wildcrafted items must be approved on a case by case basis by the standards committee.