In order to satisfy the requirements of the "Co-operatives Act 1992 No 18", we will provide you with the documents each prospective member is entitled to have access to. Links to these documents are shown on the right in addition to the Co-op Entrance and Yearly Subscription fees.
Feel free to familiarize yourself with these documents at any time. However, we would like you to read the basic Co-op Rules below as well as the Terms-of-Service. 

The objects of the co-operative are:

  1. To build strong connections between local producers of goods and consumers, in order to promote economic viability, social justice and ecological sustainability in the Northern Rivers region.
  2. Enable Northern Rivers consumers, Northern Rivers-owned retail outlets, institutions, food processors and restaurants who are members of the co-op to purchase local produce and goods with minimal distribution fees.
  3. Allow producers to determine the price of their goods and assist them in marketing their products or services locally, and regionally.
  4. Promote urban agriculture and home-based enterprises.
  5. Encourage and assist in the formation of additional local distribution centers and/or regional cooperatives with compatible aims.

The primary activities of the co-operative are:

  1. To provide and maintain an internet based facility assisting co-op members to buy and sell locally produced goods, and to provide extensive product and enterprise information.
  2. To facilitate the distribution and payment of goods with minimal distribution fees related to the distance goods are transported.
  3. To procure a range of goods for sale to co-op members that cannot be supplied by the co-op members.  

To establish active membership of the co-operative a member must:

Have bought or sold goods through the co-operative at least once per calendar year and pay annual subscription fee.  

Steps for Joining EcoMart Northern Rivers Co-op Ltd. 

  1. After you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email detailing your membership information, including your Member ID number.   Your once only $1 membership fee and the yearly $1 facilitation fee will be added to your first order if you are a consumer member, and deducted from your first order if you are a producer member. Allow 2 days for your membership to be processed .
  2. In applying to be a member of the cooperative, you create a Username and Password, which you will then use to access the EcoMart Northern Rivers Co-op Ltd system to purchase (and/or sell) items.
  3. You are then ready to shop and/or apply to become a Producer! Simply take note of the order cycle dates, and begin ordering when the next order cycle opens!
  4. Still unsure? Just contact membership for more information. We’ll be happy to help you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

You can now click on "Join The Cooperative" and complete the registration form.

We look forward to meeting you!