Standards for processed or prepared foods.

Processed and prepared foods that are offered for sale shall be submitted with a complete list of ingredients. Ingredients that originate in the Northern Rivers shall be noted. The producer should estimate the Northern Rivers content of the product.  The list of ingredients must be included in the product description displayed at the coop's website.

  • Producers shall not include CAFO meats, poultry, or eggs or derivatives from them as ingredients in their processed products..
  • Genetically modified animals, plants, seeds, grains, or fruits shall not knowingly be used as ingredients.
  • Customer members of EcoMart Northern Rivers Co-op Ltd are interested in local foods produced with sustainable practices that show good stewardship of the environment. Consequently, they have a preference for organically or naturally produced foods that originate in the Northern Rivers and will be much more likely to buy these foods, which they regard as superior to the foods offered by supermarkets.
  • All products from new producer members must be reviewed by the Compliance and Standards Committee to ensure that they are eligible for sale through the cooperative. To review your product(s), this information is required:
  • A statement regarding the geographic location in the Northern Rivers of the origin of your products and that you are the grower or producer. In the statement, the producer must give the exact location(s) where the crop(s) was or were grown, animals were raised, or processed product was prepared.
  • A statement regarding your production practices, which explains whether you use herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers in producing the product.  No animal products or byproducts may be used in animal feeds of meats sold through the cooperative. If your product is certified organic, include a copy of the organic certification.
  • For processed products, a list of ingredients, note any of Northern Rivers origin and estimate the Northern Rivers content of the product, and a statement regarding the processing practices. Also include the location of the kitchen or processing facility for each product.   A current copy of the license for that kitchen must be on file with the cooperative.
  • Producer members must comply with any relevant health codes or agricultural laws regarding direct sales of farm and food products to the public.  A copy of any licenses or certificates required for your business must be on file with the cooperative.

The information regarding new products from new producers must be sent by email to If you do not have email, they should be mailed to:

 Standards Committee at 292 Gordon Road, Koonorigan, 2480.