Delivery day procedures.

Delivery Day is always on the Friday of every Fortnightly cycle. Any exceptions to this will be published in advance to the Co-op's membership.

The order window always opens on Saturday after delivery day at 9 am, and closes on the Wednesday before delivery day at midnight.

You can view the on-going progress of your orders by logging into the Co-op's membership site but customers may change their orders (add or delete items, change quantities, etc.) until the close of the order desk. Do not consider your orders as "final" until you receive an email, fax, or phone call from us that the orders are final. If you print your orders early, you may lose business. (This has already happened to some producers, so don't leave money on the table and disappoint your potential customers by jumping the gun on printing your orders.) At the close of order week , the Co-op will notify you that your orders are ready for downloading or printing. Generally this is early the next morning.

When you check your orders at the close of a fortnightly order cycle, there will be links for your orders sorted by PRODUCT, CUSTOMER, and by STORAGE/CUSTOMER. You will only see your orders.

If you run out of inventory on a particular product, notify the customer immediately (email is fine) so that the customer can choose a substitution from another producer if you don't have a substitute to suggest. If customers have ordered products that are out of stock, there are several ways to handle the situation. (A) "first come, first serve", in which case, look at the SORT BY PRODUCT list because the orders are listed there in the order in which we received them. (B) You could contact the customer and offer a substitution, the customer contact info will be on your list of orders. If you have a limited quantity of an item, use the INVENTORY feature to limit sales to your actual inventory.

If your customer accepts a substitution, send an email to with the details of the substitution. We need to know the customer's name, the product originally ordered (its product ID number), and the product you are substituting (its product ID number). Please state that the customer has accepted the substitution.

Please be prompt in completing these invoices, especially if you have an out of stock situation. If you do not have the product, other producers may have it available. Customers expect to be notified if you are out of a product or can't deliver it, and you will preserve your customer relationship with them if you are prompt in telling them that you are out of an item so that they can order a substitute from either you or somebody else. Some customers are ordering most of their family's food from the Co-op, and if an item is not delivered, and they are not able to order a substitute, then that creates a problem for them. Don't alienate customers by waiting until the last minute to discover that you are out of a product..

Once you have and marked any items out of stock, and updated each item (you can only update one item at a time), review the overall invoice. All your changes should be saved and all item prices should now be correct. If all the information is there, you should have a total dollar amount at the bottom of your invoice that reflects the amount that you will receive from the Co-op for this order, less the Co-op's 15% commission. If this total (or any of the individual prices of items) is incorrect, please contact us right way at In the subject line of your e-mail, put "Invoice Error" and your producer name. This needs to be resolved prior to delivery day because prices listed on this invoice also feed into the individual customer invoices. Therefore, if the prices we have for your products are wrong, we will not collect the correct amount from customers. Our ability to pay you the right amount is dependent upon our ability to collect the right amounts from the customer members.

While the order is open, you can lower prices on products, but you cannot raise prices. You can also add new products during the order period.

If you make a change to any product, it will not appear in the public list until the Co-op refreshes the product list. Email to have this done promptly.

All questions about customer orders should go directly to the customer. Customer contact information is on your order page that is sorted by CUSTOMER.

CHECK YOUR EMAIL several times during Order and Delivery weeks, in case there are any Delivery Day issues that need to be addressed.