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The not-for-profit EcoMart Northern Rivers Co-op aims to create an alternative to the mainstream food system where food produced at a distance is transported to the Northern Rivers through a series of unknown suppliers. By contrast, the co-op enables us to have relationships with the people who produce our food directly and that means: more sustainable production, just and healthy food.

Why local?

Locally produced foods travel shorter distances, and use less fossil fuels to get to our table. This reduces our personal contributions to climate change and helps us prepare for a time when fossil fuels are less available.

Our local food will be fresher and more nutritious

Farmers and producers of local food are friends and neighbours, and pricing is expected to reflect a fair value for their work. When we buy from local farmers and producers, the money circulates several times before it leaves the community, strengthening the local economy for all of us.
The EcoMart Northern Rivers Co-op Ltd supports every form of local food exchange. It is meant to complement local farmers markets and farm-gate operations.